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Frequently Asked Question Page Title

What are the minimum requirements to make use of the training programme?

We recommend that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for the on-line training program:

  • Processor: 450 MHz Pentium II (or equivalent) and later
  • Memory: 64MB RAM (128MB recommended)
  • Operating system: Windows 98 or later (ie. Windows NT4 with
  • Service Pack 6/98SE/ME/2000/XP)*
  • Display: 1024 x 768 resolution display in ‘high’ or ‘true’ colour mode
  • Internet: internet access is required, a broadband internet connection is strongly recommended rather than dial-up access.

Do I need any specific software to run the training programme?

The Adobe Flash Player is required for our on-line training programmes.

Close all Internet Explorer/Browser windows to complete the installation.

Can I find out which questions I answered incorrectly?

As a matter of policy we don't give out information about which responses were incorrect, although we do have this information stored in our database.

The reason for this is to avoid the correct answers from becoming public knowledge.

Where can I find an assessment verification sheet?

The Assessment Verification form is a document that can be signed by a learner and given to their employer to confirm that the assessment has been completed without any assistance from anyone else.

The form is a PDF (Portable Document Format) that can be downloaded, printed and completed as required.

Problems loading assessments in Internet Explorer 9

At the top of browser is the address bar with a small icon that looks like a page with a tear through it. If this is grey, click on it and it should change colour to blue:

Try to open an assessment again and it should load.

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